Battery Operated Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are your best protection against break-ins, providing a high level of deterrent.

If you are looking for affordable roller shutter control option, then our battery operated roller shutters are an ideal choice. After installing it, you don’t need to think about the power failures! Our roller shutters are visually appealing and can be operated at the single touch. It also works as an excellent insulator and protecting against hash weather conditions. Each of our battery-powered shutters comes with a low voltage cable connection that shows a 12Volt Ozroll rechargeable battery and controller.

T Series by Ozroll

The T-Series range is designed by OzRoll in Australia as an alternative option for automatic motorised roller shutters. Each T-Series, 12-volt motor, is specifically designed to work with the configuration of Ozroll’s low voltage DC controllers.  This T series range is known for a smooth, and reliable operation; each motor comes with a tool for the installation of  up and down limits using twist setting.

E-3 Way

By using the E-3Way switch operation, three Ozroll Drive Systems can be operated independently by only one E-Port. In this scenario, the E-3way receives the power delivered from the controller and acts as a circuit breaker. The process of integrating E-3Way makes it easier  and affordable option for the operation of multiple shutters within close proximity.

In general, as a user-friendly operation, designated shutters can be operated as below:

1 = Right window
2 = Mid window
3 = Left window

When you press the number related to the specific shutter, an LED will light to show the indication that the selection has been made and you can use the E-Port to operate that shutter. This selection will only remain switched on for 60 seconds, at which point the E-3Way will revert back to the default shutter position. The default shutter position can be controlled by pressing and holding the relative number for 5 seconds until the relative LED flashes.

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