Manual Control Roller Shutters

If you are on the verge of searching for a cost-effective window protection solution for your home, then we have a wide range of roller shutters in Blacktown. We supply and install manual control winding roller shutters that come with the effortless operation. Manually operated roller shutters are an ideal choice for homeowners due to their affordability and user-friendly hand operation. Without having to rely on power supply, manual roller shutters are extremely reliable and highly effective in case of power failure.

Smooth Operation and Appealing: Ideal for Residential as well as Commercial Business

If you are looking for a roller shutters solution for your home, shops, restaurants, bars, factories or offices, then we have the right product for you. Our spring-operated roller shutters give you added security for all situations and requirements – and they look appealing too!

Our spring-loaded roller shutters are easy to operate as they have a spring inside the axle enabling smooth and simple operation. Opening and closing are done by simply holding the handles and pulling down and putting in place with the Lock Bottom Bar.

At Blacktown Roller Shutters, there are multiple types of manually operated systems for residential roller shutter control.

Strap Winder Operation

The manual strap shutter control system provides smooth operation due to the relatively lower tensile of the strap. Much like the manual winding system, the strap system has also been thoroughly tested in extreme condition to improve operation-efficiency and durability.

The Operation of Strap Control

The strap winder control panel comes with a nylon pulley and a nylon woven belt. The nylon belt is then attached to the drum, controlling the complete process of the roller shutter slats. This strap system provides an easy alternative that can be suited to any budget and need.

Manual Winder System

We are one of the most popular residential roller shutter control systems suppliers in Blacktown. The control units of the manual winder system fit inside the wall cavity and once concealed, provides a very clean and tidy finishing. The manual winder system comes with a tidy finish making it a very popular choice for many families.

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