Residential Roller Shutters

Blacktown Roller Shutters provide you with exceptional protection with a range of residential roller shutters that will suit your security needs. Our roller shutters range includes insulated manual operation, electrical and battery powered shutters. As a leading Roller shutters provider, we ‘ve got the right shutters products for your home’s privacy and safety.

One Stop Roller Shutters for Your Residential Properties in Blacktown

We are not only providing the shutters supply but also delivering professional installation services to ensure that your roller shutters perform for years to come.

Every residential property in Blacktown has its own shutter needs and measures, and we know that you might not be able to decide on which shutter is right for your property. That’s why we’re happy to offer you a no-obligation quote. Connect with our team and our professionals will discuss your needs and share a measurement quote, helping you to choose the right roller shutters.

Call our team or fill out the contact form. Then sit back and let us install a safe, secure and cost-effective roller shutter solution.

  • Insulation – Up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer & 50% reduction in sound transfer*
  • Light control – 100% light block out*
  • Added security
  • Wide range of colours
  • Minimum roll up size
  • Style choices
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Protection from the elements

*Statistics collected through formal testing in laboratory situations. Results may vary depending on installation & application type.

  • Weight (per m2) 4kg
  • Maximum Curtain Width 3.6m
  • Maximum Area (m2) 7.7
  • Gauge of Aluminium 0.32mm
  • Profile Slat Height 40mm
  • Profile Slat Thickness 9mm
  • Standard Guide Dimensions 53mm
  • Standard Bottom Bar Dimensions 50mm
  • Standard Axle 50mm circular

*Colours displayed are a guide only and have been digitally matched as closely as possible. We recommend using genuine Rollashield samples for final colour selection.

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